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What Our Customers Think:

Nick helped us every step of the way, finding us the best deal for our situation and walking us through the steps, offering guidance when required. The customer service was excellent and we have come out the other side much better off than prior to refinancing. Would highly recommend him if you want a quality, tailored solution for your home loan from someone with your interests genuinely at heart!

Shannon Wood

November 2023

Highly recommend Chris as an excellent broker and Vicki for the final stages of the settlement. They were able to sort out a complicated refinance for me and Chris kept in constant contact with me over the process which took a while.

Steve Incerti

November 2023

I cannot recommend enough the help and service. We have no idea of the processes involved and Kurtis has been more than willing to spare valuable time in guiding us.

Dianne Crisp

November 2023

Nick is amazing at what he does!
Financial stuff can be daunting but Nick made the journey through it all feel like a breeze.
Thank you Nick.

Elle Maxwell

November 2023

This is the second time Whiteroom Finance helped us in securing finance. Karl Baker was a great help both times. He is easy to communicate to, explains in simple English and is very proactive. It was a joy to have someone like Karl to help.

Singh K

September 2023

A huge shoutout to Chris and his team for going above and beyond to help us secure our family home. Their dedication and unwavering support made the process so smooth. Highly recommended!

Client Survey Feeback

August 2023

Most amazing team! we had such issues trying to receive a loan but Whiteroom Finance made it so easy and guided us throughout start to finish would highly recommend, was always there whenever we needed.

Sidoroska S

June 2023

Working with Chris and the team to refinance my mortgage was a smooth and easy process, highly recommend.

Kirk T

June 2023

Been working with Chris since 2016. Very professional and finds the best services to suit each loan, and is there every year to review it for you.

Passmore A

May 2023

Whiteroom Finance have been fantastic in helping my partner and I get our first home loan, and then our second, and they have also been a great help in refinancing these loans. They are professional and quick to respond to all of our emails (even after hours and on weekends). They listened to us and made sure to find suitable lenders that offered the home loan structures that we wanted. An enthusiastic 5 stars for these guys.

Pech A

May 2023

Great experience with Whiteroom Finance all the team is really helpful and supportive. Will be using them again!!

Ellery K

March 2023

Thank you for making the process so easy and as pain free as buying a house can be!

Client Survey Feedback

November 2022

Thank you very much to Chris White and his wife Vicki White from Whiteroom. With all of their hard work they made our goal possible. We are very excited the settlement went through today. Neil and I highly recommend their professionalism, knowledge and their dedication. We had a very awkward situation and Chris with his knowledge was able to reach our goals.

Neil & Kaliope C

September 2022

Chris and the team were able to simplify an unclutter the complex and intimidating process of buying our first home. They were readily accessible throughout the journey and we are ecstatic with the final outcome.

James L

August 2022

Thankyou for all your assistance through this journey, it's been a huge learning curve as a first home buyer, but I'm very thankful to have had your guidance throughout the process!

Dana S

November 2022

What is Business Finance?

Business Finance requires more than just considering how much a business can borrow. It relies on a detailed understanding of the business trading history, its industry and market segment, its underlying trading and balance sheet strength, and the economic influences on it as a whole.

Business Finance also includes analysis of existing and potential funding options such as the below, and their longer-term effect on the business itself:

  • Funds borrowed from a bank or specialist lender.
  • Funds borrowed from related parties (e.g. shareholder loans).
  • Short term funding for one off cash flow needs.
  • Transaction banking and merchant facilities.
  • Creditor/debtor management.
Financial consultation

Business Finance Options

When assessing the finance options available to a business the following factors are also considered:

  • The business historical financial performance and forecasts/budgets.
  • Balance Sheet equity (the difference between assets and liabilities).
  • Working Capital position (current assets vs current liabilities).
  • Profitability and servicing capacity.
  • Director and shareholder backgrounds.
Financial consultation

How We Can help

There are many factors involved in understanding a business before any recommendations are made. Whiteroom Finance prides itself on making sure your longer-term goals are considered when suggesting finance solutions to your immediate needs.

Whatever your business finance goals are, Whiteroom Finance can help you achieve them. Whether it’s upgrading your vehicle fleet, purchasing new equipment, acquiring property, improving cash flow, or expanding your business, we have the experience and connections to help you achieve your vision. Whiteroom Finance becomes part of your Trusted Adviser Network. Trust us as your business finance adviser for your next commercial decision.

Contact Whiteroom Finance today.

Business Lending

Growing your business or expanding services? Transitioning to retirement or setting up for sale? Maybe you’re just not happy with your current finance arrangements. You’re going to need to talk to us.

The business finance experts at Whiteroom Finance have worked with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of the business cycle. Whether you are just starting out, established and growing, or mature and looking to restructure or sell, we can help you with advice and guidance about any business finance needs, including:

  • Improving cash flow and accessing working capital options.
  • Accessing short term unsecured debt for specific needs.
  • Specialist lending (including professional services).
  • Restructuring your existing debt.
  • Acquiring a new business.
  • Unsecured lending.
  • Purchasing a property.
financial solutions

Business Advisory

Many businesses rely on internal or external accountants and bookkeepers to arrange their finance. Doing this so often can cost time and in the case of external accountants and bookkeepers, it can be at a significant cost.

At Whiteroom Finance, we have assisted many clients to reduce this impact and to source funding solutions by acting as their external business financial advisory.

Working with your existing finance team, we can help to ensure you’re getting the right advice and the most appropriate solutions.

The structure, nature, and cost of funding varies considerably and can be vastly different for seemingly similar businesses so don’t be caught out relying on what others tell you. Wherever you are with your business, Whiteroom Finance can get you to where you want to be.

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Vehicle and Equipment Finance

Needing new equipment for your business? Perhaps you’re looking to replace or expand your vehicle fleet? No problem. Whiteroom Finance has access to a range of finance providers and can help you with the right equipment finance for your business.

Our team understands your business is unique and will work with you to find the funding structure to suit your finance needs.

Commercial Property Finance

  • Are you looking to purchase a commercial property to operate your business from?
  • Do you want to lease to another business?
  • Do you already have term loans but are frustrated by the lender relationship or loan structure?

We are your commercial property finance experts that can help.

Business Finance Consulting

What to Consider

There are several reasons for buying a commercial property, much like buying a new vehicle or house. Similarly, the same risks can apply, especially if the funding structure and terms don’t align to your business needs. It’s our job to ensure our clients are aware of the risks and the benefits of entering into a commercial purchase.

Our extensive panel of lenders ensures that we can build a commercial property solution that suits your business, its revenue and cash flow cycles, expansion and exit strategies.

Whether purchasing or refinancing, we have long term and low deposit options, as well as the capacity to build funding solutions across a range of property and business assets. This ensures you can make the most of your balance sheet and that you have access to our advisory services to ensure funding continues to meet your needs.

Working Capital and Cash Flow Solutions

  • Short of cash?
  • Juggling bills and feeling the pinch despite strong growth and good profits?
  • Did you know that increasing revenues tend to place extra pressure on cash flow?
  • Did you also know that this is measurable, and can be addressed?
financial services

Your Specialists in Working Capital and Cash Flow Solutions

Many of our clients have approached us or their banks for overdrafts that instead of being closed, become a high-cost loan that doesn’t resolve their problem.

Sometimes, it is not funding that will fix the problem at all, it might be rearranging existing debt commitments, stretching creditors and pulling back debtors, restructuring rosters and workforce, or generally reducing cost that will make the biggest difference.

Where funding is required, we have short and long term solutions, secured and unsecured loan providers, overdrafts, capital loans, invoice funding and a range of other solutions that can be employed to achieve the outcomes you’re after.

Contact Whiteroom Finance today.

Start Up Business Finance

Need help starting a business but not sure where to go for finance? Whiteroom Finance are business finance experts and can give you the edge you need to start your small business journey. We offer advice and guidance on small business loans and can find the right provider and the right business loan for you.

Often, people starting a new business understand what they want but don’t always know how to achieve it. Most will start their business without understanding funding needs or exploring financial solutions.

At Whiteroom Finance, we encourage you to engage us before starting your business so we can work with you to develop an understanding about your business goals and what you are hoping to achieve. This means when it comes to exploring your finance options, we make recommendations based on knowledge, not assumptions.

  • Improving cash flow and accessing working capital options.
  • Accessing short term unsecured debt for specific needs.
  • Specialist lending (including professional services).
  • Restructuring your existing debt.
  • Acquiring a new business.
  • Unsecured lending.
  • Purchasing a property.
Small business meeting

Small Business Finance

If you’ve already started your business, that’s OK, too. Whiteroom Finance can help develop your business finance acumen and manage growth to prepare you for access to appropriate funding when available.

With extensive experience in the finance industry and working with small businesses, we know the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. Whiteroom Finance provides you with options to get your business up and running and keep it running.

Business Finance FAQs

What are the common finance options available for businesses?

Related Party Debt: 
Most businesses borrow money from the business owner from day one. Whether a formal loan or just a decision to defer personal income – it is a form of debt and once a business owner understands this, deciding to formally borrow funds becomes much easier.

Some businesses sell shares in their company to unrelated people or entities. The unrelated entity provides cash for operations and in return gets a share of profit.  This is not a loan, but a type of funding that is commonly used, especially for large business.

Banks, Financiers and Private Lenders are looking for opportunity to lend money to a trading business. Whatever the purposes of the funds, the concept is the same, the lender looks at business profitability and capacity to repay debt in an agreed timeframe and lends money accordingly.    

Do you need a deposit for a business loan?

Whether a deposit is required or not depends on the type of loan and its terms. Having a deposit can reduce cost of debt, but also means having to use up some cash flow. Vehicle finance commonly does not require a deposit, however, funding for larger equipment or property would likely have some deposit requirements, whereas working capital/cash flow facilities would not.

Note that costs associated with a purchase, such as Stamp Duty and GST usually are required to be paid out of pocket.

How do I know what financing options are available for my business?

Finance is available for most business needs. What is suitable for your businesses though depends very much on your circumstances and goals. Business owners often approach a bank or financier with what they think the solution to their need is without really understanding if this is going to fix the problem or what the problem actually is.


The business decisions you make can affect your business for the better or worse, so ensure you are informed before making any changes. Our job is to uncover the need and explore the options to resolve it without borrowing and then look at the appropriate funding needs next.


The short answer to this question is “It depends” and that you should seek professional advice to work out why you have a need and what you need to do to fix it.