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General Insurance

For both your own peace of mind and to meet the conditions of any loan you take, it is important that your assets are insured. Whiteroom Finance can help you access general insurance cover as required, and for more complex needs we can connect you with an insurance broker.

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Loan Cover & Financial Advice

Have you got the appropriate protection for your income and lifestyle in place? Will a new loan result in under-insurance? What if you get sick or injured and are unable to work? Are your Wills and Estate Planning documents up to date? Whiteroom Finance can help connect you with the people and organisations that can help restore your peace of mind.

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Credit Cards

Are you applying for a home loan? Did you know many lenders offer a credit card linked to your mortgage? Speak to Whiteroom Finance today about applying for a credit card as part of your home loan.

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Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? If you have ever applied for credit, you will have one and it could impact your ability to obtain finance. Contact Whiteroom Finance today for advice on how to find out your credit score.


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