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What is Personal Finance?

Personal finance covers everything to do with your individual finances and your financial goals, including saving, investing, and budgeting. Whatever your personal finance goals are, Whiteroom Finance can help you achieve them.

Often, clients understand what they want but don’t always know how to achieve it. We develop a depth of understanding about your personal finances and what you are hoping to achieve. This means when it comes to exploring your finance options, we make recommendations based on knowledge, not assumptions. Whiteroom Finance becomes part of your Trusted Adviser Network.

Whether it’s upgrading or downsizing your home, investing, buying a car, or taking a holiday, we have the experience and connections to help you achieve your goals. You can trust Whiteroom Finance as your personal adviser for your next financial decision.

Personal Finance

Home Loans

Purchasing a home can be a daunting experience. There are interest rates to consider, seemingly endless paperwork to fill out, not to mention the search for the home itself. All this can be really stressful and takes a toll on you and your family. Whiteroom Finance can help you with advice and guidance about:

  • Principal and Interest vs Interest Only repayments.
  • Fixed vs Variable interest rate arrangements.
  • Upgrading or downsizing your home.
  • Buying your first home.
  • Budgeting and savings.
  • Debt restructure.

We can also introduce you to valuable services like settlement agents, property inspections, and others to give you peace of mind. Before you even start looking for your new home, you should speak to our team of home loan experts. We help you understand how much you can afford so you will have a good idea of how much you can spend before you even start your search.

Home construction

Home Construction

Thinking of building a new home? Did you know there is special types of personal finance loans for that purpose? A construction loan is progress based, meaning you receive funds in stages (progress draws) as the construction of your new home progresses.

The lender will rely on the value of the property as it will be on completion, and will pay the builder directly as the construction progresses. Also, you will only pay interest on the balance of the loan as is increases during construction, not the whole lot at once. When your house is finished and all the progress draws are complete, you will begin paying full principal and interest payments on the total amount.

A construction loan is great because it saves you money while you build and because the lender will provide a loan based on what they expect the property to be worth once it’s finished, not just the vacant land.

Young family in new home

First Home Buyers

Looking to buy your first home? There are many types of finance aimed at first home buyers and a lot of pitfalls to look out for. Whiteroom Finance knows this can be confusing and helps drown out the noise to find the right home loan that works for you. We help you understand:

  • Principal and interest loans.
  • Variable rate loans.
  • Interest only loans.
  • Fixed rate loans.
  • Split loans.

Often, it can be difficult for first time home buyers to save a deposit for a home loan. Thankfully, there are some government and lender options available to help first home buyers to get into the market. Whiteroom Finance can help you understand the options available to you and will work with you to support you on your journey to home ownership.

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